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Open Being: A Training 
Developed By Ria Swift, CCM


Advanced Zen Shiatsu, Ebisu Shiatsu Inst. Tokyo, Japan. Apprenticed with Sensei Amaury Lugo.

Thymo-Kinesiology. Integration of the R/L hemispheres of the brain.

Medical Dowsing. Bach Flower Remedies. Frequency based remedies. Apprentices with founder Joan Hulse.

Peaceful Meadow Retreat. Natural Therapies. Medical Dowsing. Intuitive Development. Hanna Kroeger.

The Life/Art Process. Halprin Practitioner Tamalpa Institute, San Rafael, CA. Anna and Daria Halprin.

Reiki Master. Rainbow B&B, Creston, CO

Balancing by Numbers. Lloyd Mear.

Annam (Elle Collier Re) Awakened Mystic.
Studied consistently since 1987. Many other methods are not certified.

Whole Hearted Healing Regression therapy back to first cell division.
A self-directed healing system, with weekly meetings that help you focus and develop your innate healing abilities
Self Awareness
In essence we give you the tools to undercover your truest nature, develop intuitive, creativity and spiritually.
Become more aware of what is running your show and learning how to remove any and all obstacles to being healthy.
Higher Guidance
 ‘Hear’ your internal guidance. 'listen’ to that still small voice inside of you. Developing your intuition and other psychic senses.

"During a session with Ria Swift and the Beings of Light who are working with her, I brought the electrical energy of the earth into my body. I felt so settled in my seated meditation posture, so deeply peaceful and energized. 

I took the energy into my legs and other areas for healing, and up the central channel for opening the heart. Accessed sacred energy and was given an image to connect with higher sources of energy as needed.

Powerful work. So grateful to be part of this group of explorers."

Our time: 6:43am EDT