Open Being Online School of Healing

A self-directed healing system with weekly meetings

Open Being

On-line School of Healing

Open Being is a healing hub. It is filled with a diverse group of healing tools and therapies to help lift you up and out of whatever you are stuck in. Whether you are challenged with an illness or your life is not working the way you’d like it to…. rest assured that it is only a matter of releasing the thoughts and emotions stored in your body from your life, your biological family’s life, your ancestors and other life times you have led. It might sound simplistic…. because it is.
Healing yourself is not difficult, you just need the tools to get you there. Open Being offers you the tools you need to heal your body/mind and the most important thing to heal any human being; a way to align yourself with SOURCE ENERGY. Being plugged into SOURCE is the real game changer. We clean up our history and join forces with our true source of power.

“When you talk about what you want and why you want it, there's usually less resistance within you than when you talk about what you want and how you're going to get it. When you pose questions, you don't have answers for, like how, where, when, who, it sets up a contradictory vibration that slows everything down.”

Esther Hicks

This is a self-directed healing system, with weekly meetings 

They will help you focus and develop your innate healing abilities as you clear your symptoms and those things that create your fears and limitations.

Life is nothing if we are not doing what we came here to do. Get rid of your blocks. Study with us.

Remove the root cause of what the makes the body ill

Negative thoughts and emotions from your life, your family and ancestral lives, what you pick up from the collective consciousness, and your other lifetimes are what make the body sick. It is the combination of a poor pH, microbes (parasites, fungus, mold, viruses, bacteria), and repressed thoughts and emotions from any point in time or from any family member or ancestor.

Being yourself in the world

Most people hold themselves back to some degree, but very few know why. Removing dissatisfaction with your life and feeling like you don’t know why you are here, all manner of negative emotions: sadness, anxiety, anger, depression, suicide, addictions,

Become more satisfied in your life

There is an underlying reason for that; more thoughts and emotions from you, your ancestors, other lifetimes. Clear them, you clear your life, how you respond to life, what life means to you. Your eyes begin to see things differently. Your perception changes. Your perception is crafted from the filters or programs with which you see through. Your filters and programs are those stored thoughts and emotions from all those place mentioned above. Removing them changes your life.

Remove the root cause of what the makes the body ill

Feeling more capable, more alive, more engaged in life. Clearly knowing what you are to be doing with your life, when and for how long. Being able to finally ‘hear’ your internal guidance. Open Being online training will help you in developing your intuition and other psychic senses.

Becoming more embodied

Open Being teaches you to be embodied, in touch with your feelings and desires and more aware of what is blocking you from actualizing those dreams and desires. Remove all blocks to healing and learn to ground yourself to the earth and yourself at 100% every single day. Open yourself up to ‘higher guidance’ by learn to ‘listen’ to that still small voice inside of you.

Develop your own healing ability

This is our goal together. Showing you how to clear yourself up from all those old memories you carry so that you can ‘authentically’ know how you are to work with yourself and others should you choose that route.
In essence we give you the tools to undercover your truest nature, develop intuitive, creativity and spiritually. Find those places inside of you that create a deeper connection to the ALL THERE IS.

Receive higher guidance

Learn to know when you are receiving higher guidance that you need to pay attention to and when you are just hearing a great idea that is floating through the cosmos. No need to do that which is not yours but to be able to say, ‘here is a great idea…it’s all yours’. Healing autoimmune disease, inflammation, chromosome errors, allergens, negative interferences, the thoughts and emotions we pick up from the collective consciousness, negative emotions; sadness, depression, suicide, anxiety, anger, self-sabotage, resistance to life

Take back your power

Become more aware of what is running your show and learning how to remove any and all obstacles to being healthy and living the life you feel like you came here to live; regardless of your age. Again, the only reason we don’t do what we want in life is because we have a block to that happening. Our tribal energy is the largest block to us being all that we came here to be. Learn to take back your power, your choice, your desires and fulfil them. 
Our time: 6:03am EDT