How The School Of Open Being Started

How it began

"The chemicals that are running our body and our brain are the same chemicals that are involved in emotion. And that says to me that . . . we’d better pay more attention to emotions with respect to health."

Dr. Candace Pert (founder of the opiate receptors) “Molecules of Emotion”
I think this path of healing began at birth. I was born sick, bad kidneys. Wasn’t treated properly to heal the infections until I was in my early 20’s. The best ‘urologist’ in the are couldn’t figure it out. My father was a pharmacist, for years at the supper table my Dad would call docs and correct their prescriptions telling them how they wrote the wrong thing for Mrs. Smith. YIKES.

In my late 30’s I had cancer, three times. I did the medical model with two years of chemo and surgeries. Finished all of that…and found another lump in my other breast. A few years later I found ovarian cancer. I did not go back for more medicine or surgeries. Instead I yelled at G-D to ‘heal me or kill me. Just make it fast’…and I meant it. I refused to have cancer. I was DONE, DONE, DONE. Even though I had it for a few more years…I simply did what showed up (remember I had surrendered to a G-D I had no understanding of, let alone belief in). I never questioned what was plopped in front of me. My life was not my own for years; being pleasantly moved from healing practitioner to another healing school, jobs I didn’t as for and place to live I did not plan. Surrender is a wonderful thing when you can do it up right, which means…don’t pick it back up. Just leave it…on the side…letting something more intelligent than you help you.

I was born with a certain skill set that has enabled me to do this work. I can ‘see’ inside your body, and I can move those images around with my mind, so that your body/mind can heal you. I can also ‘hear’ and or ‘see’ what I should focus on next and next and next.
When I realized just how easy it is to heal yourself and others, I had to share it. How could I possibly keep this to myself? I also did a large chunk of my own healing by myself, not working with other practitioners. This is not a hard thing to do and it is self-empowering to use self-healing tools on you, your family, etc.

Here is what I know….if I can heal myself, so can you. Healing is not so much about removing the symptoms, your illness or dis-ease, but more importantly….it is about finding and clearing out of your body that the thoughts and emotions that are creating the chemistry that makes us ill or limited.

I have also found, for myself, that once I cleared cancers and my body became healthy again I still those same thoughts and emotions I had to clear. The real work began…and has continued to this day. Healing yourself is self-empowered; plain and simple. WHY?

1. Most people can’t afford to see someone as much as needed to set themselves free, really free.

2. Healing is an ongoing process. You have to do it more than a few times to get out of whatever malaise of stinking thinking or feeling badly that inhabits you.

3. All illness is caused by our thoughts and emotions. (Check out Dr. Candace Perts work)

4. We are constantly picking up thoughts & emotions from the world around us so it is imperative we all learn how to clear these things. It is estimated that 90% of our thoughts are not ours. That is a lot of thinking we don’t have to do, but you do need to know how to clear it.

5. One therapy is usually not enough to clear you. Each therapy was designed by someone for their needs, which is fine, but it wasn’t designed for your needs. I found throughout my years of study and practice that each therapy has a niche it fills, but it doesn’t fill every single one. In Open Being you will find many that dovetail together and give you what you need from a variety of perspectives to get yourself cleaned up and running a higher power than before.

6. Working with others, practicing with others is also very good for developing your skills. We will have a membership so that people can exchange work with people in the school.

7. The other aspect that is so important in healing our lives, not just our bodies, you cannot do one without the other and you really wouldn’t want to. It would not be complete enough.

8. The piece de resistance is learning how to open yourself up to align your entire being with CREATOR or SOURCE, whatever you call that great ISNESS in the universe. This is THE game changer. This takes you out of the human condition and into a higher level of awareness.
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